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About the villa

Our Story

Saba Estate was designed with the thoughtful intention to merge the breath-taking natural landscape of Southeast Bali with fine luxury, sophisticated minimalism, and modern design for a stay unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Achieving the perfect balance of nature and modern luxury was paramount to Saba Estate’s architectural goals, and was accomplished through specific features, such as the state-of-the-art pool with awe-inspiring oceanic views and a lush, open landscape ideal for gatherings and tranquil destination getaways.
Modern Luxury Villa

Why Saba Estate

The grounds at Saba Estate offer a uniquely tranquil presence that resonates through every fine detail and sophisticated characteristic of this exquisitely curated design. The awe-inspiring ocean views and soothing natural spaces of the villa property create an unmistakable sense of warmth, harmony, and total relaxation that you and your guests can truly come home to.  


Nestled into the balmy seaside of Southeast Bali’s most immaculate landscapes, the Saba Estate villa rests on 70-meters of private access to the sought-after sands of Saba Beach. Crystal blue waters and magnificent arching skies hold endless possibility during your stay: spot local horses as they gallop shallow waters, search for sea glass and shells unveiled by the Indonesian tide or bask in the golden light of the evening sun as it dips below the horizon line.

The residence is completely surrounded by uninterrupted nature, with swaying palm trees and luscious foliage. Enjoy the uninhibited calls of a variety of native birds whose music offers a magical backdrop to the lasting memories you’ll create throughout your modern luxury stay.

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Modern Luxury Villa | About Saba Estate

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